What is "Annchovie"?

Annchovie is the lifestyle brand of creative director Annie Cho, and is a destination for fashion inspiration, delectable recipes, and a visual diary of her travels. In between her day time job as an Interior Architect, she juggles her trio of happy pursuits: fashion, food, and travel blogging.

Why “Annchovie”?

The name “Annchovie” was brought about as a synthesis of the words Annie + Cho + Vie, in which “vie” is French for “lives.” It also serves as a playful homophone for the tiny anchovy fish, which is Annie's spirit animal. Focusing on cherishing and making the most of every day, this blog is a window into Annie Cho’s life and her creative pursuits. Annchovie is dedicated to inspiring readers to live life to the fullest and always seek new adventures.  

Professional Enquiries

Annchovie loves to work with brands that are in line with its vision and aesthetic, as well as the interest of its readers. For professional enquiries, please send an email at: annchovieblog@gmail.com

Photography Usage:

All photography is the original content of Annchovie. If you wish to share the photos, please credit them and link back to the original source. You must first email me for permission first. Thank you in advance. 

Disclosure Statement:

Annchovie is a personal blog run by myself, Annie Cho. It is my heart and soul. I am passionate about bringing fresh, quality content to you free of charge. Behind the scenes, there's a lot of sweat, blood, and happy tears in the form of photo shoots, editing, planning, emails, marketing, and more that happens. In order to fund all these endeavors and help keep the blog rolling, I do accept several forms of payment, including: 

  • Paid Sponsorships (Such as guest posts/paid posts for the purpose of advertising a company/brand/campaign, will be clearly noted in the post).
  • Brand Collaborations (Such as product reviews in collaboration with a company, will be clearly noted in the post).
  • Affiliate Links (When you click on product links and make a purchase, I receive a small commission).

I am very picky about the brands and companies I work with. I turn down a majority of potential collaborations (and potential money) because they do not fit the aesthetic and vision of Annchovie. With that said, all sponsored products on this blogs have been personally reviewed by myself and are things I actually love and honestly would recommend. All opinions are my own. Thank you so much for supporting me and helping me to continue growing this blog! XOXO