Jejudo Island Travel Diary

Jejudo Island Travel Diary

The exterior tuff cone surrounding the crater stands at about 182 meters. Below are the beautiful, black sand beaches made from volcanic rock.

Once you hike up to the top, you can see the crater, with a tuff cone 182 meters high! The picture really doesn't do the crater justice, as an aerial view would help you see how gigantic it is.


Seongsan Ilchulbong, or "Sunrise Peak" is a volcanic crater formed around 5000 years ago and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The tuff cone stands at about 182 meters high with a bowl-like crater. Hike up to the top to see beautiful views of the crater and of Jejudo Island. Below are the black sand beaches made from volcanic rock. The nature of Jejudo Island is truly beautiful and otherworldly.

Directions: From Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal, take a direct Dongilju bus bound for Seongsan and get off the Seongsalliipgu bus stop. From the bus stop, walk about 1km to the entrance of the peak.
From Seogwipo Intercity Bus Terminal, take a direct Dongilju bus bound for Seongsan and get off at Seongsalliipgu bus stop. From the bus stop, walk about 1km to the entrance of the peak.
Fees: 2,000 won
Info: Here 

Beautiful emerald beaches and black lava rock

A scenic trail leading to a light house


Seopjikoji is a beautiful, scenic trail along the eastern shore of Jejudo Island leading to a light house. Seopjikoji has become famous as a film location for many Korean dramas as the views are breathtaking. Some sites nearby include: Seongsan Ilchulbong, Udo Island, and Jeju Folk Village.

Directions: From Seogwipo Intercity Bus Terminal take Bus No. 910 and get off of Sinyangri bus stop. From there, take a five minute taxi ride to the entrance.
Fees: Free
Info: Here

Breathtaking views of the Jusangjeolli Cliff that was formed when volcanic lava cooled and naturally formed pentagnal pillars.

Wishing this seashell sculpture were real!


Jusangjeolli Cliff is a volcanic rock formation on the south coast of Jejudo Island in Seogwipo. The pentagonal or hexagonal pillars formed naturally as the lava cooled. They resemble the Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland or the basalt formations of Vyk, Iceland.

Directions: Take Airport Limousing Bus No. 600 and get off at International Convention Center Bus Stop, or take the Jngmun Express Bus from Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal to Jungmun Tourist Complex, then take a taxi or walk towards the coast to the cliffs.
Fees: 2,000 won
Info: Here

Beautiful blue skies at the Seogwipo Bridge

Walking along the Seogwipo Port.


Seogwipo is at the southern end of Jejudo Island, and is the second largest city in Jejudo. It is famous for hosting the 2002 FIFA World Cup. Some popular tourist sites in the area are: Cheonjiyeon Falls, Jusangjeolli Cliff, Seogwipo World Cup Stadium, Oedolgae Rock, Yongmeori Coast, and more.

Main entry to the Yakcheonsa Temple

The details on these painted eaves are amazing!

Beautiful hand painted, coffered ceiling


Yakcheonsa Temple was established in 1982 and was built in the style of Buddhist temples during the Joseon Dynasty. The architectural details of the temple are absolutely stunning and make for a wonderful day trip or for an extended temple stay.

Directions: Take Bus 600 to the Yakchunsa Temple bus stop and walk about 300 meters to the temple
Fees: Free
Info: Here

Enjoying the cutest, hazelnut "bunny" ice cream from Chi Chi Pong while enjoying the views of Yongmeori coast. This is vacation at its best!

Chi Chi Pong
Yongmeori Coast

The freshest seafood hot pot with purple cactus infused noodles, octopus, crab, abalone, clams, and much more from Hanseong Restaurant (한성식당).

Address: 202-1 Seongsan-ri, Seongsan-eup, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do, South Korea
Info: Here

The aftermath! It was super delicious, but I think I would ask them to make it even spicier for personal preferences. :)

The picture does not give it justice, but this hairtail fish (갈치) from 춘심이네본점 is about a meter long from head to tail! The fish is lightly salted and grilled, and just melts in your mouth! Also try their Korean style sashimi, and banchan. Everything here is solid! This restaurant is a chain throughout Jejudo Island, so check out if there's one near you!

Address: 16 Changcheonjungang-ro24beon-gil, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do, South Korea
Info: Here and Here


You can't go to Jejudo Island without enjoying their food! Their signature cuisine includes their fresh seafood, mandarin oranges, black pig barbecue (흑삼겹살), and purple cactus to name a few. Their unique food is a special treat even for the Koreans who come to visit. Hover over the images for more information about each of these places!

South Korean Flag

It was super windy on the ferry to Udo Island!

The ferry to Udo Island

Walking along the pier at Udo Island

Welcome to our nayyyyyborhood!

The haenyeo "sea woman" is an icon of Jejudo Island. These female divers have been diving for seafood for centuries and represent the matriarchal society that has developed on the island. 

Udo Island is known for their peanuts, and so I had to try the peanut ice cream from Jimmy's Ice Cream! It's so so good!

I'm clearly happy with my ice cream. :)

Love the gorgeous views from Udo Island, especially with the black volanic rock that makes the scenery so otherworldly.

Enjoying the beautiful Seobinbaeksa Beach with its contrasting black lava rocks and white coral sands.


Udo Island is an island off the northeast coast of Jejudo Island. Udo literally means "Cow Island" because the shape of the island looks like a cow lying down. The island was my favorite part of my Jejudo trip because of its stunning nature and beautiful beaches. The white sand, emerald waters, and contrasting lava rocks really make Udo Island's beaches stand out from the rest of Jejudo. Seobinbaeksa Beach 서빈백사 (aka "Popcorn Beach") has beautiful white sands made from white coral washing upon the shore. To protect its beaches, tourists are warned not to collect any of the coral sand as souvenirs or face heavy fines.

Udo Island's agriculture is based on the production of sweet potato, peanuts, and garlic. The peanuts in particular are my favorite, especially the peanut ice cream from Jimmy's Ice Cream. The flavor reminded me of hazelnut ice cream, and I instantly fell in love. Also try out their peanut makgeolli, and of course the peanuts!

Directions: Getting to Udo Island from Jejudo Island includes a bus and ferry ride. From Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal, take bus number 701 or 710 to Seongsanhang Port Bus Stop (1.5 hours). Then walk to Seongsanhang Port Passenger Ferry Terminal (approximately 12 minutes) where you will then buy tickets to board the ferry to Udo Island (15 minutes).
Admission & Ferry Fee: 5,500 won
Shuttle Bus: 800 won
Bus Tour: 5,000 won
Info: Here

Photography: Annie Cho

Jejudo Island, Udo Island