Papaya Yogurt Bowl

Papaya Yogurt Bowl

Tray of ingredients for the papaya yogurt bowl.

Scoop yogurt into the papaya "bowl."

Start placing different fruit randomly on top of the yogurt.

Make sure to alternate the different colored fruit.

Voila! The finished papaya yogurt bowl.

The chia seeds and coconut chips add a nice healthy crunch to the papaya yogurt bowl.

One papaya yogurt bowl for you, one papaya yogurt bowl for me!

I had an aversion to papaya as a child because of its pungent, funky smell. If you’ve never had it before, beware! But after hearing my mom rave about its health benefits (and because I'm a bona fide health nut), I recently came back to papaya. And this time, oddly enough, the smell is fainter, and doesn’t bother me. I’ve really taken to the taste of papaya, and in this recipe, created a colorful yogurt and fruit bowl that both heightens the senses and taste buds. Plus, all the various fruits will fragrantly mask the smell as well! I love eating the papaya yogurt bowl for breakfast, and it really encourages me to always eat lots of delicious and healthy fruit. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Here are just some of the numerous health benefits of papaya:

  • Promotes digestive health

  • Rich in antioxidants

  • Lowers cholesterol

  • Prevents cancer

  • Boosts your immune system

  • Protects against arthritis

  • Good for diabetics

  • Aids in weight loss

  • Great for eyesight

  • Reduces stress

  • Slows signs of ageing

  • Promotes hair growth



TIME: 20-30 Minutes



  • 1 Large Papaya

  • 2 Cups Organic Greek Yogurt (or yogurt of choice)

  • ½ Banana

  • 1 Blood Orange

  • Handful of blueberries

  • 2-3 Strawberries

  • 3 Clementines

  • 2 Kiwis

  • Coconut Chips

  • Chia seeds

  • Mint sprigs (for garnish)

  • 2 Tbsp Honey (optional)


1. Cut the papaya in half long ways and scoop out the black seeds.
2. Fill the bowls of papaya with yogurt, and drizzle with honey for additional sweetness (optional).
3. Randomly place sliced fruit over the yogurt, and then top with chia seeds, mint sprigs, and coconut chips.
4. Serve the papaya yogurt bowls with spoons, so you can scoop up the papaya meat along with the yogurt and other fruit. Enjoy!

You can substitute any of the listed fruit with whatever is seasonal! Feel free to experiment. :)


Styling & Photography: Annie Cho