Overalls in Culver City

Overalls in Culver City

Lace and denim overalls in Culver City

A feminine take on denim overalls

Lace details and boxy overalls

Lace crop top brings a feminine element to the entire look

With my favorite Totoro iPhone case! <3

A neutral crossbody Coach bag that's perfect for everyday outings.

My love affair with denim overalls, or overalls in general started as a kid in the 90's and just grows stronger with time. It's that tomboy aesthetic paired with high comfort and childhood nostalgia that really makes this trend so easy to love. I got this pair of denim overalls from Double Agent and sized up about two sizes because I was going for an even slouchier, almost dress-like fit. I always love to mix more masculine pieces with feminine, and picked a lace crop top from Forever 21 to add some delicate details and soften the entire look. It's all about mixing and matching pieces for an unexpected twist.


Overalls: Double Agent
Lace Crop Top: Forever 21
Shoes: Zara
Hairband: Zara
Bag: Coach

Styling: Annie Cho
Photography: Grace Cho

Culver City, Los Angeles (Off Warner Drive)