Pattern Play In Itaewon

Pattern Play In Itaewon

Jewelry by Madewell, shorts by H&M, clutch by Butter, sandals by J.Crew

Monochromatic pattern play in Itaewon
Clutch by Butter, sandals by J.Crew

Loving all the street art while exploring the back alleys of Itaewon.

Enjoying some pattern play in Itaewon

Candid moments in Itaewon

Pattern play details

Walking the streets of Itaewon, you'll be surprised at the diverse array of foreigners from around the world concentrated in this neighborhood. The proximity of Itaewon to a nearby U.S. Army base turned this area into a hub for foreign expats to live and do business, and thus has become a destination for international restaurants, shopping, and clubs. You can come here if you're missing Western cuisine, to shop for imported goods, or to enjoy the multi-cultural nightlife. 

I wore this outfit while wandering the colorful back alleys of Itaewon, which are alive with street art, shops, and diverse cuisines. Whenever I'm feeling a bit spunkier, I love to mix and match patterns into my outfits. The unexpected twist is quite fun, and even helps to add more outfit ideas to your existing wardrobe. If you're feeling a bit cautious about this styling trend, stick to a monochromatic palette to seamlessly pull the look together. And like in this outfit, mixing patterns isn't contained to just tops and bottoms, but to accessories, like this clutch from Butter. Go to your closet and start having some fun pulling out all your prints - the combinations are endless!


Top: Boutique in Hongdae, Seoul
Shorts: H&M
Necklace & Bracelets: Madewell
Clutch Bag: Butter
Shoes: J.Crew

Styling: Annie Cho
Photography: Jackson Kuo

Itaewon Neighborhood of Seoul, South Korea