Bermuda Travel Diary

Bermuda Travel Diary

Horseshoe Bay Beach

Early this March I went on a quick weekend trip to Bermuda and had an absolutely amazing time. Jack and I went knowing that it was still winter season there, but nevertheless had a great time (sans the ocean swimming). Normally when we go traveling to a new place, there is little to no time to relax as we feel pressed for time to see everything. This time, we really made a point to take things easy, not see every part of the island, and instead take our time enjoying our activities. Bermuda was a beautiful island paradise to explore, and we can't wait to go again! Hover over the pictures for more information. Hope this post inspires you to visit Bermuda!

This is Horseshoe Bay Beach with its beautiful pink sand, green moss, and turquoise waters. One of the locals told us that the ocean's beautiful turquoise color comes from the crystal clear waters reflecting the blue skies above. You need to see the ocean in person - the sea green color is absolutely breathtaking!

Horseshoe Bay Beach is famous for its pink sand made from marine organisms called foraminifera. When they die, they shed their red shells, which washes ashore and gets mixed with the white sand.

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View of the port at Old Town St. George's.

St. George's is the first English settlement on the island, and Bermuda's original capital. Explore the historic city by visiting King's Square, Town Hall, the port, Tucker House Museum, Somer's Wharf for shopping, and one of the many restaurants along the waterfront for beautiful views. Also visit the Unfinished Church nearby if you love Gothic architecture!

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I have a thing for rustic doors!


I had to stop our scooter on our way to St. George's to capture this shot. The colorful buildings make me so happy!

When you visit Bermuda, you can't miss the colorful pastel architecture. One of our taxi drivers told us that the colors were inspired by the flowers that bloom on the island. Jack and I took our little scooter all over the island and loved that wherever we went, we were always surrounded by a rainbow of vibrant color.

Historic Old Town, St. George's

Historic Old Town, St. George's


Nearby St. George's and Fort St. Catharine is Tobacco Bay. Surrounded by unique limestone formations, Tobacco Bay Beach feels like a hidden paradise. The shallow waters are perfect for wading in, and the restaurant and bar, live music, snorkeling, water sports, and numerous activities provides endless fun!

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Hamilton is the capital city and commercial center of Bermuda. Come here to shop, eat/drink, and explore Front Street, the historic walking area.

Our favorite restaurants in Hamilton were Lobster Pot for amazing seafood, and Port O Call for its fine dining.


A view of Front Street in downtown Hamilton.


Bermuda's Crystal Caves were discovered in 1907 when two boys scrambled down a hole in search of their cricket ball. They never expected to discover a wondrous cave of stalactites and stalagmites amidst crystal clear pools of water. Consisting of the Crystal Caves and the Fantasy Caves, this is a natural wonder that you must see on your visit here!

Hours: 9am-5pm Everyday
Tickets: Crystal Cave $22, Fantasy Cave $22, Combined Ticket $30
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Reflections of stalactites and stalagmite on the crystal clear pools of water of Crystal Caves.


Designed by Scottish architect William Hay, construction for this Gothic Style church began in 1874. Due to conflicts within the church, lack of funds, and a storm that caused severe damage to the structure, construction was abandoned, leaving behind exposed ruins. This beautiful Gothic Church is a must see for all architecture lovers!

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Jack and I love to rock climb, and while doing our research on Bermuda before arriving, we found out that it's a gold mine for outdoor rock climbers. There are routes all over the island for bouldering, deep water soloing, sports climbing, and soloing. It's a wonderful way to get a climb in and enjoy the beautiful scenery at the same time! 

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I stayed at the cutest Airbnb off of Cobbs Hill Street, about 10 minutes from downtown Hamilton. Rather than a hotel, I really enjoyed getting an Airbnb as it felt like I was able to get more of a local's experience of Bermuda. The entire neighborhood surrounding my Airbnb had the cutest pastel houses, and it was wonderful strolling around and exploring the area.

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If you're up for the adventure, scootering is by far the best way to explore the island! We rented our scooter from Elbow Beach Cycles. The ease of stopping and going anywhere on the island was perfect for us. We really felt like locals!

Buses are another convenient way of getting around the island. Bus stops with pink poles takes you to downtown Hamilton, and blue poles take you outbound from Hamilton. You can buy bus tokens or day passes from the Ferry Terminal in Hamilton, Visitor Information Centres, hotels, post offices, etc.

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Enjoy the wonderful views by taking the ferry around the island!

Click here for additional travel information on Bermuda! We hope this inspires you to visit the beautiful island! XOXO

Photography: Annie Cho, Jackson Kuo