Lace Rompin'

What I love about San Francisco is that it's a colorful city, not just in the diversity of cultures present, but quite literally as well. Dispersed throughout the city you'll find wonderful street art and graffiti made by both local and international artists. Tourist sites and popular foodie places are a must-see as well, but there's something special about just walking through the different neighborhoods and getting a feel for the city through its art. For a guide to the local street art, check out Street Art SF, and San Francisco Mural Arts, which lists the local street art by neighborhood, artist, medium, etc. and gives you a location so you can check them out in person.

These pictures were taken in the Union Square neighborhood not too far from the hotel we were staying at. I don't know the name of the artist, but if you do, please leave details in the comment section below so I can credit them!  

I wore a lace romper by Zara while exploring SF. I love the paisley pattern in the see-through lace of the arms. It really adds a feminine touch to the all-black ensemble and helps lighten the look. I have a soft spot for rompers. Not only is it fun to say "romper," but they're a more casual and comfortable version of wearing a dress, which is great for when you're on the go, or romping through a new city.... :P

Hope this inspires you to check out all the street art in SF! 


Wide-Brim Hat: Stylenanda
Lace Romper: Zara
Sandals: Zara

Styling: Annie Cho
Photography: Jackson Kuo

San Francisco, CA