Color Me Red

Color Me Red

Christy Flats by Aquazzura

Hi all! It seems like forever and a day that I've been away from this blog due to breaking my arm in December. I'm so so glad to be back and am excited to finally be active on Annchovie again. I am so grateful to everyone who has continued to follow the blog and send me well wishes while I've been recovering. Your kindness doesn't go unnoticed, so thank you! I'll be posting regularly again, so please check back often!

The surgery went really well, and I've been strengthening my left arm with physical therapy to regain full range of motion as well as strength. The body is a miraculous thing, and the tenacity
and strength of will that mine showed while enduring multiple fractures as well as surgery puts me in awe. While I never want to break a bone again, this experience has helped me learn that there is so much that our bodies can endure and overcome. And by extension, there is so much that we as human beings can endure and overcome. 

In preparation for Valentines Day, I was inspired to come up with an outfit for a cute date night. I really wanted to shy away from wearing a red dress and try something new. I opted for a black jumpsuit by Zara and used red as an accent color, as seen in my clutch, bold red lip, and this colorful plaid jacket I discovered at Hell's Kitchen Flea Market. The Christy Flats are by Aquazzura, and ever since I discovered them two years ago, have been obsessed. 

I'd love to know what you're wearing for Valentines Day, and I hope you get to spend it with someone special. Much love, xoxo. <3


Vintage Plaid Jacket: Hell's Kitchen Flea Market
Jumpsuit: Zara
Christy Flats: Aquazzura
Clutch: Forever 21

Styling: Annie Cho
Photography: Grace Cho

West Hollywood, Los Angeles


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