Cotton Candy Vibes

Cotton Candy Vibes

Zara heels

The weather may be wet, snowy, or otherwise dreary this time of year, but your wardrobe can add an element of softness and brightness to offset the lack of sunshine. As winter verges onto spring I love the idea of pastel winter coats that bring a color transition as the temperatures slowly warm up. My favorite shade of pink is this soft pastel, and it's nice to incorporate the color from head to toe. My coat, sweater, and heels are from Zara, and I love how the fluffiness of the coat reminds me of cotton candy! While spring won't come for another few weeks, I like to add flower accessories in my hair to hint at the approaching buds. I bought my flower hair piece from a vendor at the Brooklyn Bazaar, but I'd also recommend handmade floral headpieces from Connie Cao, a blogger I've been following for many years. Go check out her beautiful pieces here! Hope this inspires you to add some color into your winter wardrobe as we eagerly await spring!  


Pink Sweater: Zara
Denim: Urban Outfitters
Minimal Nude Heels: Zara
Flower Hair Accessory: Brooklyn Bazaar

Styling: Annie Cho
Photography: Grace Cho

Samuel Freeman Gallery, Culver City, Los Angeles