Doors in Old San Juan

Doors in Old San Juan

This is a mural of the beloved Ricardo Alegría, who was primarily responsible for restoring and renovating historical Old San Juan. Alegria was also a Puerto Rican archaeologist, and cultural anthropologist.  

Aqui se puede. = Here you can.

While there were many lavish and new buildings, I really gravitated toward the rusty ironwork of these more dilapidated doors and entryways.

I find these small doors so inviting!

Here's a grid of some of the many doors I came across.

The moment you arrive in Old San Juan, the colorful buildings greet you with cheerfulness as if to express their delight on your arrival. As you walk down the narrow cobblestone streets, each building appears more colorful than the next, with wondrous shades of pastels and vibrant, primary colors. The vibrancy of each home seemingly reflecting the warmth of the friendly locals living within. 

Once you take in the wondrous, colorful buildings, you'll begin to notice that no one door is exactly the same. As I started documenting the doors, I really began to fall in love with them. Each one had so much character that I found myself stopping every few steps to admire them.

There's something about doors that I've always found profound and magical. Perhaps it's the intrigue of the unknown that lies on the other side. Perhaps it's the implied invitation to enter, to cross over, and maybe discover a new world. Whatever it may be, there's just something about doors.. 


"The doors we open and close each day
decide the lives we live."

- Flora Whittemore

Photography: Annie Cho

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico