Mornings in Old San Juan

Mornings in Old San Juan

The colorful buildings and beautiful doors of Old San Juan are a must see!

I'm absolutely in love with these rustic doors and pink walls!

The texture on this door is stunning!

Crop tops and brightly colored linen parts to complete my tropical getaway look. 

Nothing says tropical like palm trees. 

In love with the bright blue of this home.

Necklace from Zara

Bracelets from Baublebar, rings from Artists & Fleas Williamsburg, and a vintage Omega watch

Calf hair sandals from Zara

The moment you step out of the San Juan International Airport, I guarantee the very first thing you will be greeted by are not the sweet locals (I love them), but the all-encompassing blanket of humidity. It wraps around you like that overly excited, distant relative squeezing you and pinching your cheeks at a holiday dinner when you were a child. When my brain finally registers that I am no longer in the dry heat of Los Angeles, I find myself doing a mental check of my suitcase, hoping its contents are fit to brave the next few days of travel.

I ask myself, did I pack any linen items? Yes, linen. Or rather, yes! I brought my linen pants!

It's no coincidence that you see linen items gracing magazine editorials in the summer months. When the heat is unavoidable, linen is truly your best friend. From linen shirts, to dresses and pants, the lightweight and breathable fabric is a must in your tropical travel suitcase. 

This outfit was shot in the morning while the temperature was still cool enough to meander the historic streets of Old San Juan without breaking a sweat. In keeping with the colorful backdrop of Old San Juan, a colorful outfit is only fitting. I wore coral colored linen pants from Forever 21, a white crop top from Asos, and the most comfortable calf hair sandals from Zara to round out the look. Aside from the pants, everything else was neutral, so that the bright coral would be the focal point.

I absolutely love these linen pants and how cool they keep me feeling. I encourage you to introduce a linen piece into your wardrobe if you haven't yet, and really feel the difference this summer. I'd love to know, do you have any travel tips for tropical weather?

Crop Top: Asos
Linen Pants: Forever 21
Calf Hair Sandals: Zara
Necklace: Zara
Bracelets: Baublebar
Vintage Omega Watch
Rings: Artists & Fleas (Williamsburg)

Styling: Annie Cho
Photography: Jackson Kuo

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico